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" reported nsa is snooping on a broader range of americans who communicate with people overseas. this issthe director of nsa, reveals new steps to prevent another snowden from accessing america's top-secret, fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with the report. >> reporter: general keith alexander, revealed a new step to crackdown, prevent computer administrator from leaking classified documents, revealing he slashing by 90% the nearly 1,000 systems administrators either employed by his agency or like snowden hired as contractors. >> what we're in the process of doing, not fast enough, reducing system by 9% for first -- 90% to make our networks more secure. >> reporter: nsa official told fox the agency had been planning the cuts before the leaks but is now accelerating them to reduce number of outside people with access to sensitive information. nsa officials saying that move will provide quote, greater grand layerty of data access control, supported with strong crypto graphic enforcement as president obama faces new questions about how extensive nsa surveillance programs are, a
asks about it, ti think te nsa could be defined as a scandal. going after the privacy issue, on going after american's information and looking at e-mails. every day, it's worse than we thought. i think glenn greenwald needs to be applauded for what he has done. >> by coaxing edward snowden to go to hong kong? >> who knew he was giving up his life basically to come forward because of his conscious. >> he has no idea what he's doing. >> he had no idea he'd end up in russia. >> go to hong kong, stay in an airport for three and a half week, then go to russia where i really have some freedom. >> manning got 35 years. if i was ed snowden, i'd start taking russian language courses. >> you're not suggesting that ed snowden has come out clean on this now that he's accepted asylum from the kgb. >> where is he going to go? >> stay in the united states and get tortured? >> tortured? water boarding? >> do you think manning was treated well? >> sure. oh, really? >> would you rather get 35 years in jail or go live in another country. >> hicks said i got a problem with the way we handle things in lib
intelligence committees. critics to say that the nsa has exceeded its authority under the foreign intelligence surveillance act. all on capitol hill, acting internal revenue service director daniel were folks will -- grow by the house ways and means committee. the central focus of the hearing on his agency's implementation of obamacare enforcement as well as the ongoing congressional investigation of the irs targeting of conservative nonprofit -- nonprofit groups. fox news chief congressional correspondent with our report. >> acting commissioner was asked in the house ways and means committee hearing why irs employees want to be exempt from obamacare when it will play a key role with it. >> why are your employees trying to exempt themselves from the very law your test to enforce? >> seconds before myself. i prefer to stay with the current policy that i am pleased with rather than go through a change if i don't need to. >> this as newly revealed e-mails suggests the irs may haae shared confidential tax information with the federal election commission, a violation of law. the committee is demand
.com we put the law on your side. neil: now we can safely say the nsa more than just kind of broke the law. try thousands of times. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. not just fine. don't take it for me. take it from despise himself. an internal audit out of no less than the national security agency it's often define 200776 violations of established court orders regarding surveillance on americans, are targets in this country. with the nsa demands in a speech read what anyone else would call ridiculous. hundreds of cases of supposedly unintended interception of u.s.
surveillance programs of the nsa. >> i had the programs reviewed and we put in additional safeguards to make sure there is federal court oversight as well as congressional oversight, that there is no spying on americans. >> reporter: even top democrats have previously questioned whether that oversight is real. >> it is not possible for the congress to do the kind of vigorous oversight that the president spoke about if you can't get straight answers. >> reporter: democrat ron wyden was referring to this cropper, the director of national intelligence. >> says the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not? >> not wittingly. >> reporter: while acknowledging the public should be skeptical, the president stressed privacy is protected. >> out of the revelations show that the government has abused these powers. >> reporter: get key lawmakers insisted they don't have enough of permission to verify the climb. >> members or not really aware on the whole about what these programs are being used for. the extent to which there were bei
for the republican party to stop the esoteric worry about the nsa surveillance and he was asking if he had made a specific reference to rand paul and others. he had kind of a libertarian approach to it. the united states need to defend herself, and now lou: are we to take the silence is affirmation that they have moved beyond stupidity? >> not in the slightest. there are some conservative two parties that are pushing hard for strong reforms to the gop. it is time for them to moderate some reviews and that doesn't seem to be the tone here. they say that the principle should stay the same. lou: thank you very much. much more on the race to 2016 and we will be talking. ed klein joins us with the latest on hillary clinton coming up next, jedediah bila on the president. the boys used double miles from their capital one ventureard to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles
allocated to the intelligence community for this fiscal year, among top spenders cia, and then nsa. and national reco reconnaissance office. some are furious about the disclosures. >> joining me now to an laze the situation in syria -- analyze the situation in syria, general jack king. welcome, sir. >> glad to be here. lori: the question are whether or not the u.s. will engine engage syria has dominated the headlines. >> i do believe that united states will conduct a strike. that red line has been crossed, it was crossed once before, it is intolerable to have it done again with the casualties, i would hope that administration would take a strategic view, and try to accomplish something with the strike. and recognize we have an opportunity that assad is provided us to move the advantage to the opposition forces. right now assad has momentum. and the fact is that if you took down a significant military capability that's assad has, then you will make a difference. believe me, he did not use chemical weapons thinking he would lose his air power, we have the capability within the limit
. peter's burglary. but the president through a snit over snowden and russia's decision to grant the nsa leaker temporary asylum. a top foreign policy aide called the decision disappointing. so is the obama response to putin's decision to give temporary asylum to snowden the wisest course? how can washington's officialdom rationalize the -- al qaeda on the run or decimated with the latest terrorist plot that prompted the administration to shutter our embassies in the middle east and north africa. joining us tonight generaa jack keane, retired army general. former army vice chief of staff and fox news military analyst. general, great to have you with us. your reaction if you will, first, to what is an amazing display of ent mow logical interest on the part of the administration, a fascination with semantics instead of plain, straight talk? >> well, we've never had some straight talk here, lou. it's really frustrating. we've never had a comprehensive strrtegy to defeat the al qaeda. i'd defy anybody to tell me what that is. so when we talk about successes, yes, we've had successes. we drov
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)